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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wyandotte Farmer's Market - Play with your Food

This Thursday my daughter and I went to the Wyandotte Farmer's Market.  We were able to visit several farm vendors, picking up corn, acorn squash, some more honey, and a loaf of pretzel bread that did not make it home (only two sections made it, begudgedly, to the front seat during the drive home, as a little girl in the back ate the rest of the loaf).  This Thursday was "Play with your Food" day, so my daughter and I did just that, we played!  The market is most Thursdays, noon to 6, and once a month, there is a special event at the market.  In June, the Market focused on family night and agriculture around the world, in July, there was a Go Green Youth Art Show, and yesterday, the children (and quite a few adults) were able to make all kinds of things with the fresh veggies found at the market.

The Wyandotte Farmer's Market is definitely worth visiting, and there are now 16 vendors, and every year the market gets bigger.  Natalie Rankine, the Director of Downtown Development, and her cohorts Heather and Jody, have worked hard from the beginning to get the market started and keep it growing.  Natalie, who has children of her own, has certainly made this market kid friendly, focusing on teaching children the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living.  The Market even has a tent where the Roosevelt High School students sell the produce that they have cultivated throughout the year.

When you visit the market, pick up a Market Booklet, which lists all the events for the year, all the vendors and what they sell, and there are recipes from the winners of last year's Farmer's Cook-Off.   The market has free-to-use market wagons, for when the dozen or more ears of corn get a bit heavy!  The market also has a tent where you can use your credit, debit, or bridge card to purchase produce, just in case you did not bring cash.  If you want to know what is going on at the market from week to week, follow The Wyandotte Farmer's Market on twitter, or LIKE on Facebook.

Finally, come out on September 15th, which is the Farmer's Fair and Cook-Off Registration.  I will have a tent and will be talking to the market shoppers about preserving the produce they purchase at the market, and answering questions  about freezing, drying, dehydrating, and canning.  See you there, and enjoy this picture of all the great things my daughter and I created at the market!
From left to right:  Potato Crazy Chicken, Zucchini Choo-Choo Train, red-onion shrunken head, and a 2 legged potato-cucumber mix dog!

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